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Evelyne LLorente, MD

I have been practicing functional integrative medicine in Orange County for 30 years.  Many of my patients have suffered with depression, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, or inflammatory conditions.  I have studied and used a number of infusion, integrative, and cognitive modalities in the US and in Europe, with this specific patient group in mind, and for many years, have found ketamine infusions to be safe and effective.


Pacific Coast Ketamine is dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of ketamine therapy by combining it with individualized directed visualizations in our private office setting.

  Karen Douvillier, RNP
  Karen Douvillier is a Family Nurse Practitioner and has been a      Registered Nurse for thirty-years.  For the past twenty years her    practice has focused directly on infusion patients and             
  treatments.   Pacific Coast Ketamine is pleased to offer our   
  patients this   unique level of infusion procedure expertise and      nursing   attention.

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